Lotus Education as a Right Network (LEARN)

The primary objectives of the LEARN program are based in our commitment and belief in the creation of a Common School System (CSS) for India that will serve (arguably) 80% of Indian children from families that rely on the government school system to receive quality education in a dignified manner and in accord with their rights.

The Right to Education Act (RTE2009) is the legal basis upon which a CSS rests and gives a legal framework to support the 86th amendment that guarantees the inalienable right of all India's children between the age of 6 to 14 to free and compulsory education.

While we have to consider progress state by state, it is clear that as of July 2013, (now) more two years after the RTE Act came into law, hundreds of thousands of schools are still in bad shape, tens of millions of Indian children remain out of school and further tens of millions are way behind the academic level of the year they are enrolled; so there is clearly a lot to do.

It is worth reflecting where there are sufficient funds and attention to quality education standards are almost acceptable as is the case with Indian Central Schools. If all government schools in India were up to this standard and not only reserved for certain classes and cadre, we would have already achieved the basis for a CSS.

White Lotus Trust has been working on the RTE platform since 2006 and in the rural schools of Mewat, Haryana since July 2007. We are now active in five blocks and 600 schools across Mewat and more than 700 including Hathin block that used to be a part of Mewat but now included in the district of Palwal. We also began to focus on 25 schools in Bharatpur District of Rajasthan, adjoining our work area in Harayana late 2012 In this time we have mobilized communities and stake holders in tens of thousands and 'enrolled' local governance and all levels of education departments to join us in improving the government school system at Mewat. We have networked these outcomes widely, none more so than through our relationship with NCPCR and it's State representatives that has provided us with a national platform to share the many and unique successes of our work.

Our sincere commitment to education for all and the social and economic transformation it promises leads us to want to share all that we know and have learned over the years in the hope other members of our broader community and civil society benefit and put this knowledge into action to achieve our common goals.

While it is natural this web site carries news of our own work, one of its' principle objectives is to provide information and technical support to any that need it in the form of an open resource. As such this web site is designed to enable and enhance the capacity of the greater community to improve our schools at village level and provide inspiration and leadership its' efforts to impact at policy level.

We very humbly and sincerely offer this resource and any assistance we may, not only to the greater community of educators, reformers, activists, villages and villagers but also to teachers, principals, education authorities and governance, whose cooperation is so vital to achieving success in this venture and in the hope we can speed the unfolding of good quality schools for all!!

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