Education Quality Addition Program

We initially created the Education Quality Addition (EQU+) program recognising that many research projects have shown there is a learning gap in many Government schools. Children learning at grade 5 are only able to complete grade 3 work and so on. Our first pilot, developed with assistance from the District Institute of Education and Training Gurgaon, was established in five village schools at Mewat and was very successful.

Based on this model and with strong demand from communities of slum and resettlement colonies in peri urban Delhi, we have now established 24 centres serving more than 500 children and their families!

The overarching goal of the program is to provide tuition to poor children whose families cannot afford private tuition in an afterschool education format that ensures a safe and uplifting environment.

More specifically, the objective is to help children 6 to 14 years in classes 1 to 8 to keep up with their formal school curriculum so they pass each year and don’t drop out due to being discouraged after falling behind in their studies.

To further provide a safe and uplifting after-school environment for children of largely illiterate labour that leave home for work in the early morning and return late in the evening.

To encourage a love of learning by adding learn through play approaches such as drawing & painting, handicraft, dance and story-telling. Time to time and once the program is fully operational we will also screen an uplifting movie about great historical figures of India that overcame poverty to education and elevate themselves to the highest positions in their society.

Teachers and volunteers for the program are drawn from the local community and are mostly college going students themselves. Providing them income and building their capacity adds another level of social impact to this program.

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