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White Lotus is a grass roots level organisation working toward the development of a common school system, seeking to ensure the Right To Quality Education, especially in government schools.

Was founded in 1993 by Khyentse Norbu, a renowned Buddhist Teacher and Internationally acclaimed filmmaker. WLCT has represented the State of Haryana with National level linkages through NCPCR and RTE forum. WLT has led the way in providing access to education for girls at Mewat, one of the worst gender-equality wise districts in India. White Lotus Trust looks and works, toward development of a common school system, serving quality education to all India's children, especially the girl child.

Our Achievements So Far..

  • Collaborated with Department of Education on various campaigns such as Dastak E Taleem, Shirkat E Taleem and Youth Leadership Development.
  • Led the Government in developing School Management Committee (SMC) and Comprehensive and Continuous Evaluation(CCE) through Train the Trainer Programs delivered in 580 schools across Mewat as pilots for State wide intervention.
  • Recipients of Chief Ministerial Award in 2014 recognising White Lotus contribution in improving education for 1 million students of Haryana State through Teaching Learning Campaigns (Mukhya Mantri Shiksha-Deeksha).
  • Represented National Commission for Child Rights as representative for Haryana.
  • Represented Right To Education (National) Forum for Haryana.

Vision statement and principles

The Vision of White Lotus Trust is to see India with a fully developed Common School System, serving quality education to each and every one of India's children, especially girls.

White Lotus is a grass roots level organisation working toward the development of a common school system, seeking to ensure the Right To Quality Education, especially in government schools.

Our Team

Trustees and Advisory Board

Dr. Ranjani Gopinath

Dr. Gopinath took her MBBS and MD in preventative and social medicine from Delhi University. She has worked extensively in the Public health sector, especially as a children's health specialist, with the likes of UN World Food Program, CARE India and most recently as Team Leader and Public Health Specialist, Andhra Pradesh Health Sector Reforms Programme Technical Assistance, Family Health International, Hyderabad.

Prashant Varma

Prashant is a Mumbai wala living in northern India, currently working as the Director of Deer Park Institute in Himachal Pradesh. He has a BA in Philosophy, a BA in Politics, and an MA in Film. He has more than 10 years of non-profit experience in ecology, education, and engaged Buddhism. Since 2005, he has served as the Director of the Deer Park Institute in the Indian Himalayan foothills. Prashant is also the President of the Dharma Rain Center in Bombay and serves on the Board of Siddhartha's Intent India and the Executive Committee of the International Network of Engaged Buddhists, Thailand.


Priti Suri
Advisory Board Member

Priti Suri is the proprietor of Priti Suri Associates (PSA). Priti has more than two decades of experience, in three continents, in diverse areas of international commercial law, mergers and acquisitions and possesses a general corporate background. Active within the domestic and international legal community, she is currently Chair of the Women Business Lawyers' Committee of the Inter-Pacific Bar Association, as well as Co-Chair of the India Committee of the American Bar Association's International Law Section and President of SOWL-India ("Society of Women Lawyers - India"), a newly created platform for women lawyers across India. Priti is passionate about social justice and she and her team of Lawyers at PSA gave, pro bono, a tremendous amount of time and energy to developing a Public Interest Litigation based on RTE that was instrumental in changing the State government's approach to government schools at Mewat.


Program Development and Management

Glenn Fawcett
Chief Advisor

An Australian native, Glenn came to live in India in 1995 where he worked for almost two years as a volunteer before becoming Chief Advisor of WLT in 1997. He began putting his signature on WLT by creating and implementing educational and social programs for Tibetan refugees and underserved Indian communities, in urban slum areas and with street kids highly vulnerable to exploitation. Based on his research and recommendations, seeing the magnitude and structural nature of the challenge to provide access to education for all, WLT began to work on the RTE platform in 2005. Between 2004 and up to now he has also worked in Cambodia identifying local NGO development partners, initiating and managing a portfolio of development programs and also set up an office for the US based 501(3)(c) Lotus Outreach International in Cambodia. Glenn now lives in Delhi with his Indian family spending time between India and South East Asia as required.

Suraj Kumar
Project coordinator

Suraj is a Delhi native originally from Haryana with a long background in social work with many NGOs and including management and implementation of CSR funded programs. He began working with WLT in 2005 as a member of the Social Jurist/WLT Right to Education Task Force (RETF) collaboration. Following the success of RETF, Suraj was invited in 2007 to join Lotus Outreach as Project Coordinator for our then new, Lotus Education as a Right Network (LEARN) program, taking lessons learned from the highly successful RETF into a village based approach across 600 schools in the educationally backward District of Mewat in Haryana. Suraj is really much more than LEARN program Co coordinator, in fact he is the heart and soul of the program working tirelessly in the field and travelling to Mewat every other day. He is highly skilled in engendering cooperation in all stake holders from villagers through school and local governance right up to District and even State level, where his role as the State Representative for the National Commission for the protection of Child Rights (NCPCR) has brought us into close partnership with Education department heads. Suraj has assisted the Government of Haryana on many occasions in planning and implementation of social audits and other education projects such as Dastak E Taleem and Shiksha Ka Haq. Suraj's no frills and inspire by doing it yourself approach has won him many friends in the child rights sector and is chiefly responsible for developing our network of committed partners together with whom we are having continuing impact on policies concerned with implementation and monitoring of the right to education Act.


Pooja Sehrawat
EQU+ Head Program Officer

Pooja is a recent addition to the White Lotus Team. Her background is in health services for low income communities and she joins us as head officer for our Education Quality Addition (EQU+) program.

White Lotus Metric Highlights



R.T.E program served 1,60,000 students in 580 schools @ Rs.14 per student p.a. = $50,000@45 = $1

Provided girls

300 girls provided access to education via school bus at average of Rs.6000 per student p.a.= $40,000 pa

children provided transportation

2,177 brick kiln children provided bus to school on avg. of Rs.300 p.a. (Rs.1,800 per student p.a.) = $13,000 p.a.

trained community

Mobilized and trained 3,830 community members in village level training programs.

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