Skills Training for Employment (Step)

We began providing six-month training programs in tailoring in rural Mewat of Haryana in response to endemic unemployment and lack of income generating activities for women and girls there. Providing sewing skills has given village girls and youth not only the means to contribute to their family income but has also raised their status in the family and community and provided them a means to get out of the house and become more independent.

“Only 2.3% of total Indian workforce has formal skills training. The economy is now diversifying from being largely agro-based to a manufacturing and service-based economy. More than 12 million youth between 15 and 29 years of age are expected to enter India’s working age population every year for the next two decades. The government’s recent skill gap analysis concludes that by 2022, another 109 million or so skilled workers will be needed in the 24 keys sectors of the economy.”

Small CBO NGOs can play a central role in ensuring quality training is provided in relevant skills that lead to employment and income generation in low income communities. Lotus Outreach through it’s local NGO sister organisation in India is uniquely situated to identify young women from poor families looking for the opportunity to learn tailoring skills. These young women will deeply appreciate the chance they are being provided and apply themselves sincerely to the training with full intention to put those skills into practice either to secure employment or start their own home based small enterprises sewing for their family and the broader community around them.

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