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Right To Education approach

Where Right To Education is concerned, White Lotus Trust works in rural areas mobilizing villagers to participate in the renovation of their village schools while collaborating with local and up to State level governance, education departments, BEO, DEO, SPO, DOE and etc. in creation of education campaigns and state wide training for elements of the RTE Act; SMCs, CCE, Enrolment and Retention campaigns.

WLT has led the way in providing access to education for girls at Mewat, one of the worst gender-equality wise districts in India. Blossom Bus program has kept almost 100% of its 300 riders in school till year 12 and now has 40 young women College. Most of these girls are 1st generation learners and therefore first to enter high school, graduate 12 and 1st to attend College from their villages!

Other School Based approaches:

Recognising India’s deep social inequalities, White Lotus also provides after school tuition to children of illiterate farmers and low-income families enabling them to keep up with studies that would otherwise require costly tutors such families cannot afford.

Poor farmers that get up very early and work all day do not have time to prepare meals for even their small children so we also provide school meals to ensure children of poor villagers have sufficient nutrition to keep them alert and healthy during their school time.

Blossom Bus

While enrolments appear to be up, the drop out of huge numbers of girls studying in schools across the nation, remains a huge hidden problem. Most villages have a primary school but only some 40% have classes up to grade 8 and parents will simply not send their girls outside their own village largely due to perceptions of security.

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Brick Kiln Program

There are thousands of migrant labor families with their children working at brick kilns across Haryana. In the main, Indian governments do not go out of their way to identify children from poor families that have fallen through the cracks and are not going to school at all so we had to do something to bring this issue in front of the government.

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The primary objectives of the LEARN program are based in our commitment and belief in the creation of a Common School System (CSS) for India that will serve (arguably) 80% of Indian children from families that rely on the government school system to receive quality education in a dignified manner and in accord with their rights.

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Buddha Smiles

The program provides evening classes for 235 children of quarry and weaving labor in rural villages in Tamil Nadu. These classes open up new vistas these children, quite brutalized and living without any cultural programs.

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EQU+ Program

We created this program recognising that many research projects have shown there is a learning gap in many Government schools. Children learning at grade 5 are only able to complete grade 3 work and so on.

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Meals for School Program

Poor farmers gets up very early & work all day do not have time to prepare meals so WLT provides school meals to ensure children of poor villagers have sufficient nutrition to keep them alert & healthy in school.

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