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Education + Training + Care = Empowerment

White Lotus Trust subscribes to the belief that real and sustainable social change takes many years and based on that premise we’ve been developing and implementing long term, community based, replicable and scaleable education, training and community health programs since 2007.

Recognising CSR funding can be a year-to-year proposition; we offer our CSR donors and networks access to both unique, one-year programs as well as components of more complex, longer-term programs. Aligning with longer-term programs also adds impact value to CSR funding by leveraging vibrant and well-developed community partnerships and their long-term development outcomes.

Our CSR partnership with Max India Foundation across the 2019-20 and 2020-21 financial years, clearly illustrates such advantages. Our partnership providing school buses for 300 rural girls at Mewat of Haryana added to the 800+ girls served by our program to date also greatly increased the number of communities and high schools served, creating impacts on girl’s education way beyond doubling the number of girls in higher schooling. The 9-12 grade classes at these schools are full with attendance at 90%, teachers are delighted and able to leverage more funding for developing school facilities such as science classes. Establishing such large numbers of girls attending higher classes with great enthusiasm and regularity is also helping equalize previously skewed gender equations. The program has earned the sobriquet, ‘Keeping girls in school and keeping schools open.


Our results are improving daily.
Our EQU+ teachers attend to the learning needs of every child individually
Girls that couldn't get above grade 8
now filling high school classes
EQU+ classes are literally giving us a chance
for a successful life

Likewise, our partnership with MIF massively expanded our highly scaleable after school program dealing with low, grade wise outcomes of 6-14 years children attending government schools in urban slums and resettlement colonies of Delhi. Our monthly tests, collated in six-month intervals are providing clear evidence the intervention is achieving high levels of progress in a large % of children attending the classes.

White Lotus programs have multiple components to address the multidimensionality of poverty. We are also able to provide CSR funders access to complex development programs through their various components. Apart from Buses and after-school tution centres, CSR funders may choose to support provision of bicycles for access to education serving children living remotely from their schools through our Lotus Pedals program. Another option would be the provision of medical training and equipment for our ASHA, women and children’s village health program.

White Lotus offers CSR funders the benefit of 25 years of experience working in community partnerships at grass roots level coupled with clear and concise metrics presented in a way corporates and their boards can evaluate at a glance.

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