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Women’s Economic Empowerment

White Lotus Charitable Trust and Garden of Peace (GOP) school in Tamil Nadu have entered a partnership to develop village based traditional oil extraction as a social business . GOP has been operating a traditional bullock drawn unit for some years and together we have added two, slow grinding machines for processing highest quality cold […]

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Visit to Sonakha Village Anganwadi and adolescents group

Adolescent groups provide a platform for rural girls and young women to meet, learn, raise their voices and express themselves in a safe and supportive environment. We recently travelled to Sonakha Village in a remote area of Haryana bordering Rajasthan to meet with a recently established Adolescent Youth Group (AYG) as well as Anganwadi and […]

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A New partnership with Nissan Motor India

We are delighted and very proud to announce a new partnership between Nissan Motor India Pvt. Ltd. and White Lotus Trust to provide daily bus services to transport two hundred children from villages to their schools in rural Haryana and Tamil Nadu. 100 Nissan students from 8 villages at Haryana will add their voices to […]

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Skills Training for Employment project takes off!!

We are very excited to have finally opened three Skills Training 4 Employment (SKIP) centres now training 90 women and girls in the 16 to 25 years age bracket, from low-income resettlement colonies of largely migrant daily-wage earners at Bawana and Sangam Vihar in West Delhi. Workers of these communities, heavily reliant on casual and […]

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News around Blossom Bus

It is very exciting for us to report the Blossom Buses have been running again since September 21 when schools began opening in a phased manner. By mid October the buses were full and carrying around 600 girls from classes 9 to 12 to attend physical school on a daily basis and for the first […]

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White Lotus Trust Covid-19 relief update

For the past two months during the Covid19 lockdown, White Lotus Trust, fully supported by Lotus Outreaches, LotusRelief program, has provided essential emergency relief in the most vulnerable in village and urban communities of north and south India. The lockdown commenced in India on 23 March bringing tremendous suffering and hardship to all but more […]

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EQ+ centers during Covid-19

Sangam Vihar in South Delhi, one of the areas where our EQU+ programs are running has many Covid-19 positive cases yet the teachers have managed to focus on delivering work to the students on daily basis. So far we have been able to engage in meaningful educational work with 124 children from grade 4 to […]

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Garden of Peace Covid response

In the deep south of India, our partner of 20 years in education and development in Tamil Nadu, Professor Ramu Manivannan, founder of Garden Of Peace School and our partner on Buddha Smiles program worked along with a group of University of Chennai student volunteers and GOP teachers, to provide emergency rations to the poorest […]

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White Lotus afternoon school-teacher volunteers working to ensure children get access to education even in spite of Covid and school lockdown

Most of the volunteers providing meals and rations in the slums are also teachers in our Education Quality Addition (EQU+) program that provides children of poor families with after school classes to ensure they keep up and catch up with their school work. More than 20 teachers provide academic support in a fun and entertaining […]

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