Story of Afroz Jaha, an EQU+ program family that received emergency food relief

An EQU+ program family in receipt of emergency food relief:

Afroz Jaha and her family received support on a daily basis and told us, “If the center didn’t help us I don’t know how I would have fed my children.” Afroz is a forty-five years old woman living in Bawana slum with her seven children in a rented one-room house. Her husband left them 8 years ago while Afroz was pregnant again with a girl and not the boy he was waiting for. She then moved to Delhi to find work and support her large family. Her older daughter is married and son is living with her sister back in the village. Afroz and her second daughter Hina were working in a plastic factory separating plastic grains for unfair wages until the lockdown.

None of her children go to school except the three young ones that are enrolled in our slum based After School program. Afroz’s third daughter Nazia is suffering from brain TB and with great difficulties was able to treat her condition. The lockdown made surviving even worse when Afroz and her children slept without food for few nights. She then decided to walk back home like many other migrants and may have died in the process as many have. Luckily one of our teachers, Padma, knew her financial condition and arranged for her family to receive dry rations and cooked food and which she received everyday after that.

Afroz Jaha

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