EQ+ centers during Covid-19

Sangam Vihar in South Delhi, one of the areas where our EQU+ programs are running has many Covid-19 positive cases yet the teachers have managed to focus on delivering work to the students on daily basis.

So far we have been able to engage in meaningful educational work with 124 children from grade 4 to 8 and will continue to expand within the limitations of the covid situation.

It’s a testament to the courage, dedication and commitment of our EQU+ teachers and coordinators that we are able to run the program at all.

All of the staff are putting themselves on the line on a daily basis while going around the slum to meet the children and parents and drop off and pick up class work with a Covid-19 epidemic raging all around them.

Report update:

Responding to Covid-19 pandemic the central government announced countrywide lockdown from the 24th March. The Delhi government for the new academic year (April2020) decided to have formal school online classes for children from grade 6 and above. Many children from our EQU+ centers were receiving work from teachers but students in big numbers didn’t have access to television or smart phone.

In the first week of May and after discussing with the supervisors and the teachers from our EQU+ centers we planned for and began to execute the following:

  1. Take the material from students who had access provided by the formal school teachers and rewrite them in all subjects.
  2. Make many photocopies and hand them out to the students who don’t have access to the work material.
  3. Keeping in mind the dos and don’ts (wear masks and social distancing) the teachers are to meet only one student at a time.
  4. To explain the topic and clear the doubts of the student and come back to check the homework on due dates or if possible sends through whatsapp.
  5. To give artwork material for students in lower classes.

Keeping Busy Raising Awareness and Learning

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  1. The teachers have been helping grade 6 to 8 students since the 12th May in completing the work given by the school.
  2. Teachers are also working with students of grade 4 and 5 since the 15th May on last year syllabus.
  3. Students of lower grades are also given simple work to read and write.
  4. The teachers are having online group sessions with children with access to smart phones.
    1. All the grades from 4 to 8 are working on last year’s syllabus.
    2. In Rohini center the teachers meet with 5 students in a day and by the end of the week they cover all the students of grade 4 and 5 along with the students of grade 6 to 8 who didn’t have access to school work.
    3. Children from our 3 centers in village Rithora at Mewat a do not have access to Television or Internet.
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