Garden of Peace Covid response

In the deep south of India, our partner of 20 years in education and development in Tamil Nadu, Professor Ramu Manivannan, founder of Garden Of Peace School and our partner on Buddha Smiles program worked along with a group of University of Chennai student volunteers and GOP teachers, to provide emergency rations to the poorest of the poor.

‘Mani’ and his team have been travelling out every couple of days since the lockdown March 24 and still today, to provide dry rations including 10kgs of rice, 2 kilos of dwar-daal and oil to the needy families among stone quarry workers, the handicapped, elderly and abandoned. Mani has also reached out to our Buddha Smiles community teachers working in the tribal communities of Amirthi forests to identify and provide rations to the most needy cases in their community that faces many hardships. By June 23, some three months since the program began, Mani in partnership with LO Relief will have provided some 250 families, more than 1050 of the poor, handicapped and destitute with life saving rations.

GOP BGR food for the elderly and most in need

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